Cappella Clausura – “Cholera” Cantata

Dear Cappella Clausura Family

As we continue to deal with the crisis that has changed our world, we hope you, your friends and families are safe and staying healthy.

While we, along with all of our colleagues in music, have had to cancel our season we continue to plan for our new year. We know that throughout our lives, all of us we strive to hang on to beauty, power and hope. For many of us, these are most present in music: witness the proliferation of musical performances on line in answer to the world’s craving.
Because music is timeless and healing it unites and strengthens us. 

For 16 years, our community of musicians has offered extraordinarily beautiful  music by women composers of the past and present to our local communities. These great composers have been heard now in churches of Boston, Brookline, Cambridge and Newton. Our work as a keeper of the history of women in music and women’s unique contributions have been met with widespread praise. 

We will continue to uphold this magnificent history, through steadfast research, rehearsals and first class performances.  

Donate Here

Your support, both emotional and financial, makes a difference for us. Over the last couple of weeks, we have had patrons come forward to share with us how much they miss our concerts and how much our virtual performances have meant to them. One patron wrote, “I just want you to know how much I have enjoyed attending your concerts over the past year and how much I am looking forward to next season.  Hopefully we shall all be able to enjoy the glorious music you make together once again…. in person.”

All of us at Cappella Clausura are grateful for your support. 

– Sheila Lalwani, Executive Director

p.s. Go to  Cappella Clausura‘s YouTube channel to enjoy many of our past performances!

p.p.s. We depend on you, our family of friends and donors to support this important work. With so much uncertainty in our lives right now, we ask for your help  to ensure the strength and stability of Cappella Clausura.  Donate Here


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