Leo Genovese – Plight of the Humble Bee

Live in performance at the Newton Piano Summit, a Waban Improvement Society Project with support from LexMedia, Lexington Community Media Center

Leo Genovese – Piano/Composer

Bees are the canary in the coal mine, showing us that the toxic way we grow our food isn’t working. Bees pollinate around 75% of food crops, including fruits, nuts, and vegetables. Without bees, we would run short of many of the food crops we rely on. There are many organizations working to save bees from mass extinction including:

Natural Resources Defense Council nrdc.org/save-bees

Food and Water Watch – http://tinyurl.com/3pc5prps

Friends of the Earth – http://tinyurl.com/uhhexvy4

Director of Photography Ken Willinger Cameras Rick Dorrington – Chris Pitts

Audio Recording/Mixing James Zaner

Piano Tuning Erik Wuotila

Producer/Editor Chris Pitts

Executive Producers: Waban Improvement Society, Advance Auto – Steve Solari, Village Bank, Paul and Edith Babson Foundation, Honda Village, Newton Cultural Council, Massachusetts Cultural Council

2019 Newton Piano Summit is part of the Linda Plaut Newton Festival of the Arts


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